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Linet is based on a perception of the Italian Lawyer, Marco Buscema. As victim of a catastrophic road accident in Turkey in 1997, Marco still remembers that experience and is well aware of the complicated consequences the victims of similar events inevitably suffer.
As a student and witness of such a tragic disaster, he experienced personally the extreme difficulties caused by the development of a dispute with foreign counterparts and in foreign contexts. Not only did that experience left a profound mark on him, it also instilled in him the will to actively help those who often find themselves alone, involved in a legal dispute and in desperate need of a capable lawyer. From that event sprang the strength to widen his know-how and join together colleagues from every part of the world.
Through the working experience of BNI, he then succeeded in involving other lawyers sharing the same professional and human values, reaching a current 50 members spread throughout 40 countries.


  • Regina Derkintyté Kaupiené, Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  • Marco Buscema, Udine (Italy)
  • Rudjer Anic, Zagabria (Croatia)
  • avv_AlessandroMenin_Venezia-Italia
    Alessandro Menin, Venice (Italy)
  • Andreea Vlantoiu, Bucarest (Romania)
  • Besnik Nikqi, Pristina (Kosovo)
  • Catherine Bruyere, Bruxelles (Belgium)
  • Geoff Hardy, Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguèz Álvarez, Oviedo (Spain)
  • Kirthi Biseswar, Westville, Durban (South Africa)
  • Koh Matsuzawa (Japan)

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