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When they enter the LiNET community entrepreneurs have the chance to get to know other entrepreneurs, a further possibility to build business together, to have trusted suppliers and partners at their side for their own entrepreneurial and commercial development, in Italy and overseas.


• certain costs, defined in advance
• a legal consultancy managed by a company for companies
• a community based on on-going learning
• an agile structure operating round-the-clock, 12 months a year
• direct contact with the owners of the law firm
• departments at your service
• value added products
• complete legal check of your companies
• a community of entrepreneurs with whom to build business relations
• a community of lawyers at your service

LINET coordinates a team of Senior lawyers. Behind each LINET lawyer working for you is an entire specialised department with which your lawyer will consult. LINET is a legal, partner, designing community, at the service of your companies, to create value.Thanks to the network of partner companies,
LINET is able to offer integrated, high quality services and products.
LINET proposes innovation and win to win strategies to its clients.


  • Regina Derkintyté Kaupiené, Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  • Rudjer Anic, Zagabria (Croatia)
  • Andjelka Radovanović, Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Christoph Jeannee, Vienna (Austria)
  • Edgar Ramírez (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Joseph Weinrauch, Netanya (Israel)
  • Kirthi Biseswar, Westville, Durban (South Africa)
  • Mirjana Markovska Andrevski (Macedonia)
  • Sahar Shariatpanahy, Tehran (Iran)

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