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Besnik Nikqi, Pristina (Kosovo)

To fall and rise again – even back when I was just a child this had left an important mark on me. Ever since then I was resolute in this being the signification of life. This becoming a reason to beckon me in contemplating it from all the possible aspects. However, one question lingered more so – how to rise again, in any given case, more successfully and faster than before?

Touching the heart of the subject here was the moral and message of the Masai tribe tradition (who dwell in the territory of Kenya and Tanzania) that has inevitably served as a contribution to my positive approach. Namely, the members of this tribe believe in that every person is born a good person, therefore when any given member of their tribe goes through a loss and personal hurt, the tribespeople gather around him in a circle and commence a ritual of giving him/her gratitude of his past good deeds and in this way give their support in reclaiming his good character – which he was originally born with. A relation flawless as theirs, and such a synchronized collective approach, is hard to be found in the society we live in, but I have strived to find a relating solution through individual offering of assistance and support to the damaged.

In my profession as a lawyer I had put this direction in noticeable practice since when as a legal intern in penal proceedings I would dedicate my attention in greater part to the adhesion procedure/indemnification than to the proceeding of the criminal charge. Finding so that the general concept of insurance embodies a small part of the Masai tribe philosophy brings about fast and comprehensive restitutio to the damaged and thus help them rise back upwards, my destination of becoming a lawyer in this particular field has been decided upon. Moreover, a successful achieving of risk socialization through compulsory insurance had become for me unquestionably a great challenge. Therefore, I had undertaken a more intensive involvement in handling of the insured traffic cases ranging from road to commercial aircraft accidents, more foreign than domestic – which by a margin are the more complex and interesting cases. Decades of experience acquired in this field of work, being both in support of the victims and the insurers, has continuously succeeded my de lege ferenda activity in law-making as well as in solutions management in society’s new requirements of insurance protection and the integration in the International Green Card System. All this has contributed in that, even at present times, as a lawyer in handling of direct claims and recourse claims, I still feel the satisfaction and the challenge in equal measure. Simply put, more than the satisfaction itself, a part and genuine meaning of my life has become being involved and assisting the ones who fell and need to rise back up again.

Following are few details and data for me and my activity, mainly focused for legal services in the insurance field.

Besnik Z. Nikqi – 1954
Law Office ICS Assistance Prishtina, KOSOVO


ILT International Legal Team, Rome
– Co founder and member of Board from 2017

ICS Assistance, Prishtina – Law office, (
– Founder and executive director from 2013 present

I.I.C. Assistance Ltd, Prishtina -International Insurance Claims Handling Bureau,
– Founder and managing partner from 1990 – 2013

Insurance Company “KOSOVA”, Prishtina 1979-1990
– Director of Motor Vehicle and Liability Risk Community – 1984/90
– Manager of International Green Card Claim Division – 1980/84
– Legal adviser 1977 – 1980

Legal Intern, District Court Peja – 1976/77


Post-graduate study on Law Faculty – University of Belgrade 1984/85 Magisterium -1986

Law Faculty – University of Prishtina / 1972-1976

Languages; Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, English

Hobbies: Fishing, Skiing, Hiking, Painting


  • Author of few books and articles in the insurance field
  • Drafter of Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Law in Albania / 1992
  • Drafter of Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Law in Kosovo / 2011
  • Co-author of YU project on motor insurance TPL + 1985
  • Author of KOSOVO project TPL Plus motor insurance / alternative solution for implementation of CoB Decisions / Geneva and Andorra 2000 & 2001
  • Drafter of MoU for implementation of CoB Decisions / Geneva and Andorra 2000 & 2001
  • Author or adviser in compiling several insurance claims handling Guidebooks and Manuals
  • Speaker on several domestic and international congresses and seminars
  • USAID (Contract Law Enforcement Program) appointed trainer on training and tuition of Kosovo Judiciary Officials

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