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Maximilian Breitling, Munich (Germany)

My whole life, I have been a strong believer in justice, a truth-loving person, authentic and always honest and straightforward. That’s why I enjoy working either as an insolvency administrator or as a consultant, bringing together the people involved in restructuring or insolvency proceedings and finding a balanced result for everyone.

For more than 20 years, I have successfully accompanied companies in their aspirations to save their businesses, to help them be successful again operationally and make a new start free of debt.

After achieving my law degree in Munich at the LMU and an internship in Paris, I started my legal career 1996 at a law firm in Munich specializing in civil law. In February 1998 I started working as a freelancer for the renowned lawyer and insolvency administrator Dr. Hans von Gleichenstein. On 01.01.2000 we founded the law firm Gleichenstein und Breitling, which today consists of 4 partners and 20 employees and works almost exclusively in insolvency law, corporate law and real estate law. We advise companies, entrepreneurs and shareholders on all issues relating to the restructuring of their companies. We support asset deals and insolvency cases and have already concluded dozens of insolvency plans with overwhelming majorities. Our restructuring rate is as outstanding as the rate we achieve for insolvency creditors in the proceedings where we are appointed by the Bavarian courts as insolvency administrators.

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