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Paddington Matsanura, Harare (Zimbabwe)

Paddington Matsanura, Born 1985, Republic of Zimbabwe

Holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from University of Fort Hare, East London, South Africa

Registered Legal Practitioner Republic of Zimbabwe.

BNI Member, BNI Loerie Place, Borrowdale, Harare\

My 7 year professional experience includes personal injury litigation, commercial law practice, intellectual property practice and general litigation across all courts, government agencies and quasi-judicial bodies. Practiced in South Africa from 2010 to 2014 & currently based in Zimbabwe.

Associate with Muvingi & Mugadza Legal Practitioners of Harare, Zimbabwe. Our office provides services in the field of tax legal issues and procedures with domestic and international aspects; Contractual and Corporate law; Real estate law, Property law, Insurance law, Commercial law and criminal law

Languages: English, isiNdebele and Shona

Hobbies: travelling and visiting new places, nature walks, fishing, reading, coding, tennis and watching soccer


Paddington Matsanura
Legal Practitioner


52-54 Samora Machel Avenue.

7th Floor, Pegasus House

Harare, Zimbabwe

Email: ;

Tel:  +263 4 798 214 / 790843

Mob Tel: +263 774 078 495


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