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Andreea Vlantoiu, Bucarest (Romania)

As a child I was fascinated to grasp the true reasons behind people’s actions. So I understood what lies behind most conflicts – mere misunderstandings that arise from different backgrounds and people’s incapacity to express their motives. I could see how each opponent is right in their own, separate, reference system and I realised that there is a need for translation to bring opponents to a common language.

Equipped with this revelation, I could have become a philosopher or a surgeon of the atom in search of a quantum analogy for my discovery. Instead, I chose to go to law school. I chose to be the one to take the necessary step in the opponent’s territory. I chose to continuously train my mind to be free of bias, to understand my client’s and their adversary’s mind and to speak it in a common language. What enriches me is to help find an end to the story that enriches both sides.

Andreea’s professional landmarks:

  • Internationally certified data protection (GDPR) legal expert
  • Corporate law –  over 2000 clients
  • Insurance –  a definitive and enforceable court decision amounting to over EUR 10,000,000 against an international insurance company
  • Real estate –  conclusion of a real estate development contract of an estimated EUR 12,000,000 investment, regulation of the legal status of a property with an estimated value of EUR 30,000,000

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